Titanium lava ring with a diamond on a spiral 18k gold spiral.

Titanium is unlike any other material—light, strong, and capable of feats of magic!

“The Colors of the Universe in Titanium Jewelry”

The color phenomenon is caused by the development of an oxide layer in which a certain part of the light is absorbed and only the remainder is reflected to be perceived by a viewer. As the temperature increases, the oxide layer becomes thicker and absorbs more light. There is a clear series of these colors. Βegins with a bright yellow, which is created by an oxide layer of sufficient thickness to cause constructive interference to give this appearance. As the oxide layer grows thicker, other colors are produced because the interference removes various parts of the white light striking the surface. The colors run from green, violet, bright blue to dark blue. If heat is continued, a second yellow color will result as the interference causes the same effect as in the first yellow.

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  • titanium
  • 18k gold
  • diamond
  • handmade
  • size: 15 (55)
Dimensions 1,5 × 2 cm


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