"Jewellery among brilliant gems and mineral stones along with art objects and refined fragrance notes from remarkable perfume houses, all blend masterfully in Eleni Marneri Gallery."

The one and only space dedicated to contemporary jewellery has been organizing jewelry exhibitions and activities that reveal knowledge, experience and devotion to high aesthetics for over thirty years.

The public can admire and own jewellery pieces of notable Greek and foreign designers. There is a wide range of collections with different techniques and types regarding the art of jewellery. Fine jewellery, conceptual design jewellery, art and fashion jewellery, all diverse styles coexist harmoniously.

At the same time, everyone can discover eclectic collections of colognes, perfumes and room fragrances of selected perfume houses from abroad (Santa Maria Novella, Baruti, Geodesis). Moreover, everyone has the chance to obtain or gift exceptional artworks of sculptural and ceramic art as the gallery’s exhibition programme occasionally expands to the applied arts as well.

Eleni Marneri Gallery, is situated at 8 Pittakou street in Plaka, within a neoclassical building dating back to 1910, adorned with Art Nouveau and Art Deco elements on its exterior. Inside, the geometric and floral patterns grace the flooring, accented by subtle stone details that infuse the space with warmth. Soft lighting adds to the tranquil atmosphere. At the core of the gallery lies a hidden treasure—a secluded garden sanctuary—offering a serene escape from the urban hustle.

"At Eleni Marneri Gallery, every day that passes, the love for the arts and aesthetics remains unquestionable and every visit to the space ends up being an incomparable journey of the senses."

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