Eleni Marneri gallery has been showcasing art jewellery for over three decades. It is the first gallery in Greece that has managed to shape the current Greek contemporary jewelry scene concerning a wearable art which decorates the body.


From childhood, Eleni Marneri had a particular affection for the abundant scents of nature. In her adult life, the childhood experiences will shape her great love for the perfume scents, the aesthetics, and the landscape architecture. Focused in the art of fragrance, Eleni Marneri launches in 1987 a small venue, titled Câline by the name of the feminine perfume of the perfumer Jean Patou. The space is part of an emblematic building located at the junction of Patision avenue and Fokionos Negri street and presents selected perfumes of niche fragrance houses. At the same time, travelling across Italy, Eleni Marneri begins to explore the world of mineral rocks and the reflections of all colourful materials that jewellery pieces are made from. She is really fascinated by the precious stones and a true love for jewellery has already begun. Soon, in the athenian Câline the perfumes coexist with remarkable jewellery collections of Greek and foreign designers. The diverse scents of nature intertwine with the shiny gemstones and Eleni Marneri at last combines two immense passions in one space.


For the next step, Eleni Marneri has a vision for a wider, dynamic space that can represent more jewellery designers from all over the world. For that purpose, Eleni Marneri collaborates with Nikomachi Karakostanoglou (space sculptor & designer) who designs a space with minimal aesthetic and bold curved lines that embraces the visitor. Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery is inaugurated on 2002 in an impressive art deco building at 3 Agathoupoleos street at Kypseli. Eleni Marneri develops the new space with her incomparable love for jewellery, arts and aesthetics. Pioneering exhibitions unite remarkable artists from Greece and abroad. During this period the gallery hosts jewellery exhibitions of the graduates of the renowned Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School of Florence.


Being always attracted by elegance and harmony, Eleni Marneri and her team get inspired and create collections (art objects, clothes, toys, books, jewellery, furniture, items for the baptism ceremony) that are exclusively intended for children and the tenderness of their age. Bebe Gallery opens in 2006 in a side space of Eleni Marneri Creative Gallery.


Due to her love for Italy and her great interest about the art of fragrance, the collaboration with the florentine perfume house Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella begins in 2008 and continues till today. Eleni Marneri Galerie stocks a wide selection of all series of these exceptional perfume products.


The life circle of two important spaces at the Kypseli neighbourhood has been completed in 2011. Eleni Marneri Galerie reopens to a totally different district, in the south of the Acropolis of Athens at the junction of Lebessi and Porinou streets. The exhibition Trinity was a milestone event for the new space, signifying the thirty year anniversary celebration of the gallery at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. This exhibition trilogy was narrating the long itinerary of three spaces, illuminating three important aspects of jewellery art: the gem’s world, the long story of metalworking, the contemporary jewellery and its conceptual background. It was a great party that brought together all friends, collaborators and designers represented by Eleni Marneri Galerie throughout the thirty year journey. At the end of 2019, another landmark exhibition was dedicated to the renowned Greek designers who specialize in fine jewellery.

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