Eleni Marneri - Owner

“Jewellery has always been a meaningful symbol for me, a talisman, an important part of our tradition and culture. I have always wanted to share the aspects of an artform which is directly ιnterweaved with everyday life. I am really glad that we have collectors and clients who acquire unique pieces which have been presented to Eleni Marneri Galerie over the years. I have learned to listen, to observe and to remember through my senses. The crystal transparency, the colours and touch of stones, the sense and sound of metals capture all my senses. This sparkling jewellery universe really fascinates me!”

“My journeys have been source of inspiration in my life and my work. Every voyage was giving birth to a new idea. Especially my first trip to Italy had played a decisive role for me. I immersed myself in the beauty of the country, the colours, and the reflections of gemstones. The experience gained through this trip motivated me to share everything that excited me. Well, that is how I started my career, creating a colourful journey by presenting collections of Italian designers and Greek ones too”. 

Ersi Kalozaki
Gallery Director and Coordinator
Having been working at Eleni Marneri Galerie for the past 14 years, she has efficiently achieved to combine her educational background in Management & International Business (Deree, The American College of Greece) with her intrinsic need to be surrounded by art and esthetics in her everyday life. Having been collaborating side by side with Eleni Marneri, she has been experienced numerous fascinating journeys in the world of Art, Fashion, Music, and Beauty during her career. She is responsible for running most of the gallery activities, always making sure that the expected result will stand according to that gallery’s unique identity and approach.
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