Cyclades necklace


Cyclades necklace, in 18k solid gold. By Hriam |Meri Charitonidi.

“Shales” is a hybrid capsule collection, inspired by the summertime spent in the Cyclades. The necklace forms a perfect circle around the neck, depicting most of the islands belonging to the area. The organic texture of the land is meticulously captured via digital microsculpting, resulting in 27 polymorphic golden pieces, linked together, perfectly mismatching one another, just like these islands actually do.

* The Cyclades necklace is registered as a Community Design with the European Intellectual Property Office under the Certificate Nº 008719645-0001*

**Option: Select your favorite island to add a brilliant-cut diamond of aprx. 1mm diameter onto it. You can also choose to place 27 brilliant-cut diamonds, one on each island. Last but not least, shall you wish to have an entire island filled with stone-set brilliants, contact us via email and we will create this product code exclusively for you

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  • 18k solis gold
  • Length: aprx. 41,5 cm
  • Islands sizes : aprx. from biggest 4cm x 2 cm to smallest 1cm x 3 cm




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Cyclades necklace
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