HRIAM by Meri Charitonidi


Founded in Copenhagen by the Greek jeweller Méri Charitonidi, °’HRIAM emits a vibe of ancestral Mediterranean craftsmanship and effortless Scandinavian harmony. Timeless, symbolic, and sustainable, the artifacts derive from complex incentives and heterogeneous stimuli. All creations are both contemporary and classic, ideal to inaugurate a strong heirloom tradition for you and your loved ones.

Due to interdisciplinary goldsmithing mediums of traditional & digital micro-sculpting in use, each piece carries an exclusively distinctive structure. Taking roots on original 18k and 22k gold, fine silver and precious stones, the designated granulated and incised textures of °’HRIAM are drawn by tangible organic compositions of naturalistic and abstract forms, manifested in carving. The brand came to life after years of conceptual and contextual practice, with a core mission to celebrate creative ingenuity and daring aesthetics.

°’HRIAM jewels elegantly complement bodily expression and enhance personal urbanity, as talisman adornments enclosing the individual’s innermost force through life. Starting from the atelier’s bench, the journey of the jewel begins with the sole purpose of conveying its possessors’ story, dripping in gold.

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