BARUTI Palermo Violet Spray


Ambient Fragrance 500ml

PALERMO VIOLET brings together a mixture of herbs from the mountains of Sicily, along with precious violets, embedded in a lush and baroque-style powdery base. Restricted to the Italian island of Sicily, Palermo violet – Viola ucriana (Violaceae)  is an IUCN Critically Endangered species known from only a single population on the slopes of Mt. Pizzuta in the Serra della Pizzuta Nature Reserve. This delicate violet bears yellow flowers with purple striations and is lightly scented.  After studying these plants in the wild and in botanic gardens, we reconstruct their scents in our laboratory for your enjoyment.

Baruti Ambient Fragrance Sprays are made with water (aqua demi), fragrance oil, emulsifier (to dissolve the fragrance oil in the water), and just enough preservative to make sure your product does not spoil before you empty your bottle.

Τhis product is shipped only to Greece.


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  • 500ml
  • size : 28cm x 11cm
Dimensions 28 × 11 cm

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