Eros and Psyche 


“Uniqueness, high aesthetic value that speak to the human soul is what matters”.


The Greek studio EROS & PSYCHE, ​designs contemporary jewellery reinventing the ancient art of Glyptography. ​Glyptography is  the  art of  engraving gemstones. The new face of glyptography is being formed at EROS & PSYCHE jewellery design and glyptic studio in Athens where innovative glyptic techniques are born. Gemstones are engraved by the human hand, and outstanding jewellery are designed and made with the highest of inspiration and craftmanship. Uniqueness, high aesthetic value and speak to the human soul is what matters.

EROS & PSYCHE artists are envisioning the jewellery as objects of wearable sculpture. They creatively blend, art design, mythology, symbols, archetypes, philosophy and fantasy, ​to make the future classic jewelry. 


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