22.7.2013 – 3.8.2013

Elena Kougianou currently lives and works in Athens,Greece. After gaining a degree in political science in the United Kingdom, Elena started exploring the worlds of fashion and arts. She then continued her educational and professional journey by making two important stops, one in London and another one in the city of New York. At this point, Elena found her final destination, which was no other than jewelry design.

She currently designs her own line of jewelry, Utopia elena.k, while her main driving force of creative stimulation are different artistic movements of the past, producing items that combine volume, theatricality, and romanticism. Thus, by mixing a variety of materials and using multiple techniques, Elena puts together jades, amethysts or chrysoprase ornamental stones along with silk voile, feathers, and metallic laces in order to create exclusive pieces, each one unraveling a story of its own.




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