Fig tree from Greece.

A slightly acidulated fruity scent, combining the fragrance of the leaf, the sap, and the fruit of the fig-tree.

The Lia diffuser is sold with rattan sticks in an elegant box wrapped in cellophane.

Put the sticks delicately in the bottle for a constant diffusion of your favorite scents. For a stronger diffusion, turn the sticks. For a lighter diffuser, remove some sticks from the bottle.

Capacity: 200 ml
Duration: 1 to 2 months.

Raw materials selected for their high level of quality.
Products made in France.

Τhis product is shipped only to Greece.


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The reed sticks are immersed in a perfumed solution and absorb it to delicately scent one’s interior. Geodesis diffusers offer a constant diffusion for several weeks.

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