Femina Ring Bracelet


Ring Bracelet with chain made of silver goldplated with coral and pearls. The reverse triangle is the ancient symbol of woman.

A jewelry collection dedicated to Women

“Τhe Goddess, The Priestess, The Queen, The Warrior, The Lover, The Mother. All of them, women. With the gaze turned towards the earth, looking life and death in the eye. To be reborn, again and again…”Sofia Zarari- Mystis by Sofia Zarari

“The women we love possess a divine essence, and when we hold them tightly in our arms,  we become one with the gods, we rise up like ferocious towers, nothing can bring us down and they with their white hands cling to us and all the peoples and nations come to worship us crying out our name, immortal through the ages, because the women we love, also convey to us, their divine, essence

[Excerpt from the poem “Hymn to the glory of the women we love” by Nikos Engonopoulos]

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  • Mat Finish,
  • Sterling Silver
  • Yellow Gold Plated,
  • Coral
  • Fresh water Pearl
  • bracelet length:18cm



Goldplated Silver

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Femina Ring Bracelet
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