El.Marneri Curated Collection #431


One of a kind gold 18k ring with a cut white pearl from the “Eleni Marneri Curated Collection”

The Eleni Marneri Curated Collection consists exclusively of unique pieces. All jewelry is selected by Eleni Marneri herself through professional knowledge, experience, and high aesthetic standards, revealing the over thirty-year journey of the gallery. Precious gemstones of diverse shapes, colors, and rare cutting styles are combined with gold or white gold reflecting their brilliance and singularity. Thanks to its quality, the whole collection features timeless jewelry pieces that will be able to accompany you throughout your life.

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  • Need a Gift Wrap?
    • 4 €
  • gold 18k
  • white pearl
  • size: 53 (13)
  • bandwidth: 1cm

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