Jewelry Care & Repairs

We believe jewelry is meant to be worn every day. Most of the jewelry we sell requires very little care — just wear and enjoy.

We do recommend though, taking off your jewelry when bathing, swimming, gardening, doing contact sports, seriously messy cooking, and moving heavy objects. Also avoid applying creams and spraying perfumes on the jewelry. Prefer to wear your jewelry after your beauty & massage treatments. Despite all that, our jewelry collections are hand-crafted and as with any product of this nature, natural wear and natural skin oils may result  to a change of color.

We  will be glad to refresh your jewelry and repair most of any damages may occur by accident.  We recommend any piece in this condition be sent to us for evaluation. After receipt a course of action will be determined and this usually entails sending the item to its designer so it can be repaired to their standards. This process may take up a few weeks and there may be a fee associated with the repair. Visit the gallery and submit your repair inquiry or sent us an email at or call us at +302108668195, +302108619488.

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