For Paisios Mendesidis the creation of hand-made jewellery is a passion. Affected by his  father and the history of goldsmithing,  he was always drawn to the way hand-made jewellery is designed and made. From the very first step of melting the raw material, the finishing, as well as the final stage when something one has created adorns the hand of someone who loves it as much as the one who created it. Each piece hides a story. That is why he decided to create his own stories through his creations.

Each piece is unique and created solely by hand. As far as the quality of the metals concerned, only 925 sterling silver is used, as well as gold. As he is a lover of the ethnic spirit and the bohemian culture, different patterns, unique cuts and shapes, rustic aesthetics as well as a huge variety of chains and unprocessed stones, which are inspired by those two styles, can be found within his work.

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