Margarita Malliri


Margarita Malliri is an art jewellery designer and maker from Athens, Greece. She studied architecture at the National Technical University of Athens and she then attended the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Program of the NTUA “Research in Architecture: Architectural Design – Space – Culture”. Her interest for the small scale and the direct contact with the produced object led her to the field of jewellery. She attended courses of jewellery design and making at Metallo Studio in Athens, as well as the Intensive Course Program of Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School in Florence.
She approaches jewellery as a storytelling media through which she seeks to explore the aesthetic representation of culture in modern society. Her work proposes new narratives and interpretations of familiar topics and is mainly inspired by the Greek mythology, folk art and natural world. She believes that jewellery pieces act as symbolic objects that could carry a story and that they eventually become personal reference points and companions. In the Greek language the words jewellery [cosmima, κόσμημα] and world [cosmos, κόσμος] share the same root. This relation forms her creative starting point, an attempt to understand the world through jewellery.

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