Elsa Sarantidou

Mrs Elsa SARANTIDOU was born in Athens where she finished school. She then left to England where she studies jewellery, ceramics, sculpture and stained glass at Kensington and Chelsea College. She went on to study design, jewellery design and silversmithing at London Guildhall University under the guidance of very famous professors (such as Bob Risch, Joel Degen, Bryan Marshall). She also attended design lessons at Hetherley’s School of Arts in Kensington.She has also attended lessons in Micromosaic in metal with the guidance of Stefano Marchetti in Le Arti Orafe IN ITALY.Elsa has collaborated with well known galleries in London such as :ELECTRUM GALLERY (U.K),AURUM GALLERY (U.K), KATH LIBBERT JEWELLERY GALLERY(U.K), ALTERNATIVE GALLERY (ROME – ITALY), LA BASILICA GALLERIA (BARCELONA-SPAIN)  As well as well known galleries and Museums in Greece: ELENI MARNERI GALLERY (ATHENS – GREECE ), NEW BENAKI MUSEUM (ATHENS – GREECE ), NEW ACROPOLIS MUSEUM (ATHENS – GREECE)

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