“your modern day jeweler”

AR.M is a fresh, greek jewelry brand who is passionate about creating jewelry that celebrate your dearest moments. Their goal is to provide you with designs that feel like a part of you. That’s why they use only the finest metals such as sterling silver and solid-gold, to ensure your jewelry can be treasured for years. Their collections are inspired by classic pieces that have been given a modern twist with architectural lines.

AR.M was born by Anna Rosa Moschouti and her desire to bring her ideas to life using her own hands + create her own small aesthetic world. Born and raised in Greece by a Dutch power-mom, she was taught from an early age to seek beauty in her environment, and when she couldn’t find it, to create it. She studied architecture and while she loved her studies, her impatient spirit felt disconnected with how slowly architecture was practiced in real life. That urged her to experiment with other aspects of design + creation and that’s how her love for jewelry design emerged.

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