Maria Fotopoulou

Leaving the material free to give birth to the shape and texture


Maria Fotopoulou lives and works in Thessaloniki (Greece) as a Jewellery Designer. She studied at Silversmithing and Jewellery Design school in Peloponnese (Greece), in Florence and Vicenza (Italy). She has also attended specialized seminars at the University of the Arts Central Saint Martins in London. In 2013 she created the jewellery Studio “Oraisis” where she teaches design and manufacturing of contemporary jewellery. 

With absolute admiration for polymorphous nature, Maria creates organic forms as well as elaborate and dynamic shapes and some others derived from experimentation. Working in conditions of pressure in high-low temperatures, following the laws of physics, she pushes the material to its limits for days until she is satisfied. Keeping an elegant and refined design, Maria uses precious metals like silver, gold, and precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, pearls, and every other stone that causes her attention.

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