#SupportCreativity #SupportArtJewelry

1.4.2020 - 31.5.2020

#SupportCreativity #SupportArtJewelry is an initiative that aims to support jewellery designers by presenting and selling their creations. We desire to communicate their creative concepts and make their artworks even more accessible to people through newsletters and social media posts.

1: 20000 is a compilation of maps, a collection of cities in form of jewels. As "the map is not the territory" but just one of the many possible representations of reality, each jewel is a personal interpretation of the city that takes / loses its shape in the interaction with the body.


1: 20000 is the research of our identity, complex as mazes of streets, in movement as travelers, precious and delicate as jewels.


They are cities to own, wear, appropriate and interpret.