Stelios Karantonas

Unsatiable inspiration for original creations


Stelios Karantonas is a Greek designer that lives and creates in London. He found his niche in jewellery manufacturing and design, receiving two scholarships and working as a freelance designer/maker in Thessaloniki and Athens, Greece. It came as a natural next step for him to move to London, a melting pot of styles and designs with a centuries-long tradition of craftsmanship.

Stelios created his own brand in London in 2014, unveiling his deeply artistic nature and his insatiable inspiration for original creations. All his pieces are hand-made in his Hatton Gardens workshop, where he constantly grows as a designer, working on a variety of gemstones, 9, 18 and 22 Karat Gold and 925 Sterling Silver. His custom made designs have created a loyal clientele and a constant workflow over the past three years.

Stelios has already participated in several international exhibitions and, after winning an invitation, his pieces featured in the 2015 Beijing International Contemporary Metal & Jewellery Art Exhibition. His creations combine simplicity with elegance and showcase an impressive flow of colours and high-quality materials, presenting an elaborate technique. They can be casual without being trivial and they are universal without ceasing to be original. The common feature of all his pieces is their effortless uniqueness and versatility.

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