Polina Elis

Jewellery of subtle luxury that adheres to Greek Ancient Ethos


Athens based jewellery designer Polina Ellis, born in Germany, is an archaeologist (Ph.D. University of Heidelberg) and fine artist that transcends and transforms the inspiration of her life experiences and academic studies into a unique design with symbolism. It was inevitable that her training and education would play a pivotal role in her designs that underline a deep appreciation of the Classical World’s finest achievements.

She masterfully fuses present and past; combines strength and sensitivity. Pairing strong lines with clean forms, devoid of the unnecessary and embracing the pure, Polina creates pieces of subtle luxury that adhere to Ancient Greek Ethos. For her fine jewellery line, she chooses raw white gold with a matte surface and polished only in the inner parts of the jewel. She mainly uses diamonds to accentuate the clean lines of her designs.

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