Nayibe Warchausky

Murano crystal and 18k gold for

an infinite expression between art and fashion


Nayibe Warchausky is an architect with a master’s degree in Jewelry Design from Instituto Europeo di Design in Milano, Italy. Her inspiration comes from the blend of multicultural influences from the cities where she has lived as well as her discoveries on the everyday journey she endures. Each ring is handmade and the craftsmanship within each piece makes them unique and special. 

By the use of legitimate Murano Crystals and 18k Gold, the designer creates a revitalization of the aesthetic concept of the constructivist architectural movement in which she is inspired to design her pieces creating optical, dynamic, and three-dimensional facets. Giving new value to the crystal, she makes it luxurious, voluptuous, and seductive with a timeless aesthetic.

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