Katerina Anastasiou

Abstract art jewelry in mosaic form


Katerina Anastasiou lives and works in Athens. In 2000 she moved to Italy to study the art of mosaic in Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli, the only renowned school worldwide teaching this traditional craft. In 2004 she returned to Athens and set up her artistic studio, whilst she also started studying painting in the traditional byzantine manner, freehand drawing, and silversmithing. Since she was continuing to experiment with the language, form, thematology, and materials as well as the scale and functionality of mosaics. She has completed a plethora of projects in the mosaic, some of which were site-specific. She has presented several collections of jewellery and small sculptures (mixed media, embedded mosaic) in art galleries, design & museum shops as well as private commissions.

The materials that she uses are varied depending on the form that she strives to achieve from natural stones such as marble, clay, pebbles, or Venetian glass tiles (smalti). All the materials are “cut” by hand in the traditional techniques (i.e. with the hammer called martellina and an anvil, following the techniques of embodiment).

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