Nevin Arig

“Close-up” to ordinary moments through color and beauty


Born in Turkey, she followed her studies in one of the most beautiful art schools in Istanbul – The Fine Arts Academy – by the shore of Bosphorus. She draws inspiration every day from the contrasts of this vast country situated between Europe and Asia, the mixture of Byzantium and Ottoman architecture, the fragrances of spices, the screams of children, and the murmurs of a metropolis. After her bachelor’s in graphic design, she came to Europe to work in design studios. In 1995, she started studying jewellery design. Since then she has enjoyed each moment of the learning and working process. The thrill of searching for new technics, forms, materials never fades.

Through her last collection “Hidden Beauty” she wants to explore the essential and find simple and pure forms but also peace, away from the vague and austere everyday life. She tries to capture the twinkling fragments of stone, rejoice the subtleties found in colors, start to create and work in all carefreeness before reason consumes inspiration and illusions.

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