The Sun illuminates & floods all things with his light


Silver ring 925 with plexiglass inscribed in Latin “SOL CUNCTA SUA LUCE LUSTRAT ET COMPLET” eng. “the Sun illuminates and floods all things with his light” from the Analemma collection by the Latvian brand VERBA and its designer Anna Fanigina.

Analemma jewelry collection combines ancient worship of the Sun and the rose expressed with contemporary design language. Rhythmic movement of the Sun rhymes with the flowering cycle of the rose, which is connected with light and warmth. ANALEMMA (“support” in ancient Greek) – is a magnificent figure similar to the eternity sign that is made by the movement of the Sun during one year as you observe it from the same place at the same time.

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    • 4 €
  • silver 925
  • red plexiglasss 4cm
  • ring size: 54 (14)
Dimensions 4 cm

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