Pi Greco Pyramide earrings


Statement one of a kind earrings made of silver. Very light and very impressive. Totally handmade! By Lavinia Rosetti

Lavinia Rossetti is an Italian jewellery maker based in Florence. She investigates the performative possibilities of jewellery by creating pieces that generate a bond with the movements of the wearer. Her works assume multiple shapes when in contact with the body. Pi Greco (π in english) is a mathematical constant, defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. In this collection, named after the irrational number, Lavinia Rossetti uses the shape of the circle in different diameters. She organizes these elements in a sequence creating a pattern that changes according with the rhythm of the progression. The elements, made in silver and gold in different alloys, are all connected by a meditative practice and create flexible, voluminous and light structures that catch the air while are moving with the wearer.


    • 4 €
  • silver
  • length: 10 cm
  • one of a kind
Dimensions 10 cm


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